We often forget that our products are everywhere! 

Here an outline of the various applications in which the spring plays a discrete but essential part.

  • Public, private and industrial lighting
  • Farming and gardening machines
  • Public transportation (coaches, tramways, trains)
  • Locks industry
  • Computer and office equipment
  • Auditorium lighting
  • Optical industry
  • Building industry (clips, fixation for cladding, ceiling…)
  • Household appliances
  • Electricity (contactors, switches…)
  • Electronic industry (protections)
  • Medical material, pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive (clips for engine parts, air filters…)
  • Machine tools.

New applications are regularly suggested to us, which still lengthen this no exhaustive list.

Spring : definition

Elastic body, generally out of tempered steel, having the property to regain its shape and its initial position after having undergone a deformation, and entering a mechanism to absorb work or to produce a movement.

More about wire spring

The spring is one of the great human inventions of the modern era. The principle of the spring was already known in clock industry as of XV century. But it is at the beginning of XIX century that a German blacksmith designed springs with industrial purpose. Used by French tapestry makers as of the years 1825-1830, the spring became one of the incontrovertible components of all the equipment born of the industrial revolution 

Today, applications of our products; springs, clips, etc are so numerous that it would be impossible to quote them all. Sectors as varied as aeronautics, automotive, street lighting, agricultural machinery, railroad, the iron work, the civil engineering, electronics, medical, computer technology... could not do without springs. 

Yes, we often forget that our products are everywhere! 

More about strip clips

The industrial use of iron strip goes up with the invention of the rolling mills, at the beginning of the XIX century. Before that, one finds trace of strip iron forged, used in particular in cooperage and, in the past still, in crossbows. The rise of iron and steel industry will accelerate the development of this multifunction product, which quickly finds innumerable applications in cars, packaging, railroad, building…

For Fabriressort, the work of strip began with the introduction of multiple slides machines, which made it possible to produce clips technologically difficult to control on traditional press. The important thing is to respect the direction of the steel fibres to avoid cracks and beginnings of breaking.

Today, electronics and computing push back the limits of possible cambering and working parts even further. Our 3D modelling software makes it possible to evaluate the feasibility of new applications without risk.